Machine Learning Engineer

About the Role

We are looking for software developers with a mixed skill-set, covering engineering and data-science. Our R&D team is composed of developers and data-scientists that are always ready to “get their hands dirty” for building data-driven applications and put them in a heavy-scalable cloud environment. To achieve such goals is not easy, one should be strict but pragmatic, open-minded but skilled on solving issues that are common when dealing with data.

Exploit your machine learning knowledge to work with our data scientists for building efficient and scalable models;
Integrate machine learning models in real-world and production-ready code;
Deploy applications in our heavy-scalable cloud environment;
Collaborate closely with the team to ship new functionalities.


  • you have a B.S. or M.S. Computer Science or related field, or equivalent experience;

  • you have a background in machine learning;

  • you know how to work with databases and data in general;

  • you are a quick-thinker, a problem-solver, who feels comfortable in writing code;

  • you are self-organized and willing to work in a fast-paced environment;

  • you take code quality seriously: continuous integration, testing, code review;

  • you have a strong willingness to learn and share knowledge with the rest of the team.


  • you are good with Python and Django;

  • experience in efficient handling of large volumes of data;

  • you know about web development (HTTP, web servers, Rest API, etc.);

  • good knowledge of PostgreSQL, ElasticSearch, Redis;

  • you know about asynchronous processing (queues);

  • you know how to expose a web application to the user (deployment, docker, proxies, security);

  • you would to challenge yourself, improve and broaden your skill set.

How to apply

Send your application via email and please make sure to include:

- Your CV (any format is fine)
- Why you'd like to take this position, what you expect and what you think you could bring to the team
- Please, please, please, include a github account, some code you've written, an open source project you contributed to, or at least a link to your work that you like (it doesn't matter if it's completely unrelated like a videogame, an art project or whatever else). Precedence will be given to applications that meet these criteria.