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Welcome to your next adventure.


A company with the heart of a startup.

We are part of a great and solid group, Cerved, and we have grown quite a lot in the last few years. However, we kept our original identity and startup culture, because we believe that the people and the way we work are the main ingredient in our success!

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Agile ways of working.

We think the organization is a living being: it grows, evolves over time and its internal structure has to adapt to the changes. At SpazioDati we apply Agile methodologies, but every team independently chooses its own process that better fits with its needs: Scrum, Kanban, or what works best for them.


Working together to succeed.

Developers are always part of a team, nobody works “alone”. We think the best team size is 4 or 5 people.

Our teams are usually homogenous in terms of skills, and each one is responsible for specific parts of our architecture or processes. But we also have the so-called communities of practice where members of different teams share common, cross-team goals and work on them together. Our developers are active actors: no specific solution is imposed from the top, but solutions emerge from the discussion between all the parts.


Meal voucher

For each work day (even in this emergency period with 100% remote working, Spaziodati never stopped granting meal vouchers to all employees)

Continuous learning

We have a budget for tech conferences, so you can attend the hottest conferences all over Europe. We also have a dedicated internal learning program.

Your own laptop

You can choose what you prefer, we just set a budget that has room for a pretty strong configuration (Mac or PC, it's up to you)

Supplementary healthcare

We provide healthcare services for our employees in addition to those provided by the national health service

Time flexibility

Apart from the fixed meetings that you are required to attend (e.g. the stand-up meeting of your team), there's no obligation to adhere to a specific work time or time card to fill in. 

Free coffee

Any developer's fuel! You can get your Illy or Nespresso cup when working from the office.


Become a part of
our team!

Are you a developer looking for a job in Italy? We’re waiting for your cv in our inbox.

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