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Sales Intelligence software is our daily bread.

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A powerful search engine with more than 6 million companies and 13 million contacts to win in an always evolving market.

Atoka processes the Big Data of Italian companies with the mathematical algorithms of Machine Learning. A search engine designed for the corporate world, free from the noise generated by superfluous content.

Through a weekly scan of the Italian web pages, Atoka identifies and analyzes over 600,000 companies, for a total of over 1.2M websites. Yes, because many companies have more than one site!

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The most powerful search engine for public contracts in Italy. allows you to analyze public contracts in a simple and transparent way to make strategic choices for your business.

You can achieve market analysis in a fast, intuitive and thorough way thanks to interactive filters and charts. Through data analysis you can secure a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Extract meaning from unstructured text and put it in context with a simple API.

Entity Extraction: find places, people, brands, and events in documents and social media.

Thanks to its revolutionary technology, Dandelion API works well even on short and malformed texts in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian.

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