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Platform Engineer

About the Role

The team is responsible for the reliability and security of our products. We work in close contact with Software and Data Engineers, building together the platform that enables them to do their job most effectively. We take quality seriously and we automate everything that makes sense.

We support transparent communication and a blameless culture, we strive to maintain a healthy work-life balance, and we value the point of view of every team member.

Your role as a Platform Engineer

In this role, you will help shape the architecture of current and future SpazioDati products. By building a platform for development teams to use, you will make sure that building, deploying, managing, and monitoring services is efficient and straightforward. You will write Terraform code to manage our cloud resources in AWS, and a bunch of YAML to provision and configure services with Kubernetes and Ansible. You will help other engineers choose the best way to deploy their services and sort out any performance or reliability issue that may arise.


  • Bachelor’s or higher degree in Computer Science or a related field, or equivalent experience

  • Experience with container technologies, especially Kubernetes

  • Software Engineering experience, preferably with Golang or Python

  • Knowledge of cloud computing concepts (bonus points for AWS experience)

  • Familiarity with Infrastructure-as-Code tools such as Terraform, Ansible and Packer

  • Familiarity with Service Discovery, application monitoring, logs management

  • Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment

  • Experience building secure applications on the cloud

  • UNIX system administration skills

  • A problem-solving mindset and great communication skills

  • Confidence that you can learn any of the above (and more!) if you don’t already have that skill :)

  • Working knowledge of the Italian language, or willingness to learn it

About us

SpazioDati, a Cerved Group company, works on collecting, matching, linking, analyzing, making sense of and visualizing in an effective manner massive amounts of corporate data to provide services of Sales Intelligence, Lead Generation, Portfolio analysis, and more. We apply Data Science, Semantic Text Analysis and Machine learning models to extract insights from the data and create value for our customers. Our main product, Atoka, is a Sales Intelligence solution currently used by thousands of small and big companies in Italy and abroad; ContrattiPubblici is the largest and most comprehensive database of public contracts in Italy, providing an exhaustive overview of Italian public procurement; and we are also working on other products and projects and plan on expanding to new horizons soon.

How to apply

Send your application via email and please make sure to include:

- Your CV (any format is fine).
- An introduction explaining why you'd like to take this position, what you expect and what you believe you could bring to the team. We would like to hear what you really think, in your own words, and not something trite and generic written with Gen AI.
- If possible, include a github account, some code you've written, an open source project you contributed to, or at least a link to your work that you like (it doesn't matter if it's completely unrelated like a videogame, an art project or whatever else).

Precedence will be given to applications that meet these criteria.

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