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Senior Frontend Developer

About the Role


Our Frontend Team is responsible for creating products on the web which will deliver large amounts of data to our customers in an accessible way, customise their experience and build ad-hoc solutions for their needs, including integrating our tools in their existing software. We use the latest and greatest tools which fit our needs, such as, React, Typescript and Django, testing our code at various levels with Pytest, Jest, RTL and Puppeteer. We also follow the (quite fast paced) trends in this field by continuously experimenting with new tools, frameworks and languages, fearlessly replacing and refactoring existing code when we see fit.


We are looking for software developers that are ready to “get their hands dirty” to build a better world (of data, at least), one where information is clean and easily accessible; to achieve such goals is not easy, one should be strict but pragmatic, open-minded but skilled on troubles that are common when dealing with data. We are a multicultural team that loves collaboration, we are “agile enough” and, hard to believe, we all love data. If you are an independent data hacker who wants to work in a motivating and positive environment, we want to hear from you!


  • exploit your awesome development techniques using your TS/CSS/HTML knowledge;

  • build and manage user-facing and internal products to serve large amounts of information;

  • create browser-friendly, mobile-friendly solutions;

  • collaborate closely with the other teams to ship new functionalities.


  • you have a B.S. or M.S. Computer Science or related field, or equivalent experience

  • you have 5+ years of frontend development experience

  • you have a very strong knowledge of HTML5/CSS3

  • you really know Javascript/Typescript

  • you have a good knowledge of Python and Django

  • you are familiar with React, Redux, D3, Bootstrap,Webpack, Jest, RTL, Puppeteer

  • you are familiar with responsive and mobile-friendly design

  • you are aware of quirks of modern and less modern browsers

  • you like to test your code

  • you like to ship features along with tests at various levels (unit, integration, e2e)

  • you would like to to learn, challenge yourself, improve and broaden your skill set

  • you are a quick-thinker, a problem-solver, who feels comfortable in writing code

  • you are self-organized and willing to work in a fast-paced environment

  • you take code quality seriously: continuous integration, testing, code review, linters

  • you’re a great team player

  • you have a working knowledge of the Italian language, or are willing to learn it

About us

SpazioDati, a Cerved Group company, works on collecting, matching, linking, analyzing, making sense of and visualizing in an effective manner massive amounts of corporate data to provide services of Sales Intelligence, Lead Generation, Portfolio analysis, and more. We apply Data Science, Semantic Text Analysis and Machine learning models to extract insights from the data and create value for our customers. Our main product, Atoka, is a Sales Intelligence solution currently used by thousands of small and big companies in Italy and abroad; ContrattiPubblici is the largest and most comprehensive database of public contracts in Italy, providing an exhaustive overview of Italian public procurement; and we are also working on other products and projects and plan on expanding to new horizons soon.

How to apply

Submit your application through Workday.

Please make sure to include:

  • Your CV (any format is fine).

  • An introduction explaining why you'd like to take this position, what you expect and what you believe you could bring to the team. We would like to hear what you really think, in your own words, and not something trite and generic written with Gen AI.

  • If possible, include a github account, some code you've written, an open source project you contributed to, or at least a link to your work that you like (it doesn't matter if it's completely unrelated like a videogame, an art project or whatever else).

Precedence will be given to applications that meet these criteria.

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